No Turning Back

So today I purchased my ticket– it’s official, no turning back! I spent nearly every last cent to my name (leaving a total of $9.68 in my bank account) on a one way ticket to the Middle East. I don’t think that it has fully hit me yet.. my friend at Starbucks said to me as I was getting my afternoon burst of caffeine today, “You probably won’t realize it until you get on the plane.” She may be right! I may very well have a Home Alone moment 2,000 feet in the air.

It’s funny to see and hear people’s reactions when I tell them of my upcoming journey… they either freak out, or.. well… mostly they just freak out. Sometimes enthusiastically with an, “Oh my gosh that’s wonderful,” or “I’m so jealous!,” but more so with snide remarks and caustic jokes such as “I hope you like hummus,” “Are you ready to live on chicken for a year?,” or my personal favorite to date, “Don’t get killed by a hummuside bomber!” ….so witty. My parents are taking it pretty well, though I can tell my father is a little nervous.. yesterday he inquired about the latest goings on in the Middle East, as we hadn’t spoken about it in a while and I usually impart current events whenever we chat. I hesitated to tell him about some of the latest social issues and turbulence, which is par for the course, but no one likes to hear about people setting themselves on fire in the town next to where their daughter is about to move.

On the bright side, a midst all of the little pockets of chaos and turbulent social matters, there is still fun, sun, and Haaretz’s top 5 falafel joints in Tel Aviv, and I was informed today by a friend that there are 3 billiards within 10 minutes of his home… all n’ all, I’d say “l.i.g.” 🙂


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